Our hospitality solutions for the hospitality market are all IP based, from content delivery on multiple platforms: Apple iPad/iPhone, Android, touch screen PC and interactive SmartTVs.

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Our security solutions consist of IP CCTV and Door Entry products. Both of these products are from Mobotix and we are their VIP partner for supplying them to the Hospitality market.

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Our cloud solutions are all web based and hosted which is 24x7 to give trouble free operations. We can provide a true iCloud solution for corporate clients.

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PRISMA Win® POS Restaurant


PRISMA Win POS Restaurant solution is a multi-language table reservation and delivery system in single package. It is coupled with robust SQL server technology and is very simple in helping you to speed up sales, streamline operations, gain total control and respond on time to your customers’ wishes.

PRISMA Win® POS Restaurant - mulit-language restaurant solution is a multi-language table reservation and delivery system in single packagePRISMA Win® POS Restaurant is designed for all businesses in the restaurant industry (restaurants, cafe, bars, grill houses, delivery services, nightclubs, e.t.c) either individual business units or multiple stores with online or offline presence. It can be easily customized to any business and operation type and can operate in more than one mode, Tables, Cashier, Kitchen, Take away, Delivery etc.

PRISMA Win® POS Restaurant possesses very powerful features, such as customizable menu, table/order/staff management and advanced reporting. 

Other key features are:

  • Table management: Graphical and numeric room and table representation with realistic visualization of your store. Special signage for each table indicating pending orders and their status, as well as the waiter serving them.
  • Fast, easy and simple order taking. Manage Orders & Reservations with refunds and cancellations.
  • Easily send orders to kitchen or bar printers etc.
  • Partial or full bill print and payment per item and per order with multiple payment types such as Credit Cards, Coupons, Cash etc.
  • Analytic list of Payments, Customers and delivered and pending orders.
  • Unlimited categories for Items. Items management with multiple price lists (take away, delivery, in store).
  • Manage and adjust Stock.
  • Manage Customer details with accounting information based on their history.
  • Delivery Tracking with Caller ID.
  • Minimum consumption Management.
  • Manage special events and services.
  • Sales receipt inclusive of vat or on thermal receipt printout.
  • End of Day balancing. X & Z Reports.
  • Intelligent Customer, Inventory, Purchase, Supplier, Sales, Employee Reports. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly summary reports based on multiple criteria.
  • Limit access to specific sensitive features with security settings.


How PRISMA Win® POS Restaurant covers your needs

The manager has the absolute control of the store, purchase orders, kitchen and waiters
PRISMA Win® POS offers complete monitoring of all spaces of your business and easy management of its operations through the touch screen. The manager can monitor the tables in real time, while he sees which of them are available, which are in pending situation, which are in collecting situation, as well as how much the time they have been in each situation. Moreover, he can see at a glance who the waiter of each table is, of how many individuals it is constituted as well as what they have ordered.

Orders should be entered and executed immediately
The application with the flexibility and the speed that offers, guarantees perfect and immediate operation under any circumstances! On peak hours and days everything works smoothly, since the application contributes to the harmonious cooperation of all parts of the business. The waiter enters the order to the application without delays, choosing from the categories of items and the unlimited items and the order is automatically printed in the kitchen, in the corresponding printers, depending on the items the order includes.

The application should be perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of each business
PRISMA Win® is fully configurable and each business can choose the appearance of item groups, rooms, colors, fonts and generally adapt it to its own operation way.

Need to upgrade business services
EPOS systems make your store look more professional and increase customer satisfaction! Using PRISMA Win® POS Restaurant, developed by Megasoft, makes ordering easy for the waiters and pleasant for your customers!