Our hospitality solutions for the hospitality market are all IP based, from content delivery on multiple platforms: Apple iPad/iPhone, Android, touch screen PC and interactive SmartTVs.

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Our security solutions consist of IP CCTV and Door Entry products. Both of these products are from Mobotix and we are their VIP partner for supplying them to the Hospitality market.

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Our cloud solutions are all web based and hosted which is 24x7 to give trouble free operations. We can provide a true iCloud solution for corporate clients.

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Hosted-CRM Solutions

Our hosted, web based, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed for small to medium sized organisations. With complete contact, diary, campaign and email management.

As with our Hosted VoIP, customers data is hosted in our computer and any VoIP details (caller info and time of call) is automatically shown on CRM. So a quick response to your client with previous record file open-no need to go through questions and answers session.

All record will be share with co-workers, email, on-line campaign , dairy management and up to date documentation.

Reports can be generated on the spot. Easy to use is by default and only need internet access with laptop or tablet pc's.

Hosted CRM

CRM & VoIP integration